2016 Toyota Mirai Price

2016 Toyota Mirai Price

Say how-do-you-do to the long run, or as Toyota calls it, the Mirai. virtually that means future in Japanese, the compact, four-door sedan is Toyota’s brave  try at breaking into (and exploding) the fuel-cell market. The Mirai appearance terribly near its thought first cousin, the FCV, that debuted at the 2013 Tokio Motor Show. currently the FCV makes its move from thought to production. astonishingly the Mirai retains near ten miles of the expected 310-mile vary of the FCV. The Mirai still boasts an equivalent zero-emissions standing as its fledgling forerunner.

Toyota conjointly declared one amongst the most important chemical element campaigns ever devised. At the guts of Mirai’s launch, Toyota free plans of a cooperation with chemical element provider Air Liquide to help the carmaker in increasing chemical element provision stations on the northeastern seashore beginning with twelve locations.

Included within the combine ar ny, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. This announcement follows Toyota’s previous chemical element infrastructure investment in southern CA, with a complete of nineteen chemical element provision stations designed on a central passageway.

The Mirai is currently prepared for production, although it'll solely be shipped to those areas with provision locations. With a variety of three hundred miles on one tank of chemical element, the automobile offers a good quantity of flexibility for homeowners, all whereas emitting nothing besides harmless water vapors from its pipe. the simplest half is Toyota plans to own the Mirai be a part of its core vehicle lineup, preceding the lease-only deals and pre-selected owner setups utilized by competitory electric cell automakers Hyundai and Honda.

2016 Toyota Mirai Price


The Mirai may not be the prettiest issue on Toyota’s listing, however it gets the work done. It somehow incorporates the design of the gyre and Prius, whereas having a novel visual signature clear with anything.

2016 Toyota Mirai Price

An interesting character line runs from the lights to the A-Pillars whereas huge, massive, air intakes permit cool air behind the front facia. Alloy wheels plenty of swooping accent lines dress up the Mirai’s sides, whereas the derriere gets some terribly conventionalized taillights.

Mirrored to seem almost like the front air intakes, the most taillights have a triangular form to them whereas an outsized lightweight bar runs across the lid like associate older BMW seven Series.

2016 Toyota Mirai Price


The Mirai’s interior is simply as with boldness designed because the outside. The swooping dash curves and arcs, transferral lots of detail within. A Prius-like gauge cluster rests on the higher section of the dash, providing the car’s pertinent info. an outsized center screen hosts Toyota’s Entune system for navigation and amusement.

2016 Toyota Mirai Price

Down below on the middle console rests a Cadillac-like tactual board with a digital readout for the HVAC controls. Piano-black plastics dress up the cabin quite nicely, however can certainly show each very little description of dirt and each fingerprint smudge. Another Prius component is tied in with the electronic gear selector and push-button park.

2016 Toyota Mirai Price

Toyota’s Entune moving picture system comes with GPS enclosed for serving to notice close chemical element provision stations. conjointly enclosed within the combine may be a host of safety options, together with vehicle pre-collision, blind spot monitor, lane-departure alert, drive-start management, and automatic high beams.

2016 Toyota Mirai Price


The Mirai can begin to hit the market within the fall of 2015 with a worth of $499 per month for thirty six months with $3,649 due at linguistic communication as a lease possibility or for outright purchase at $57,500. Toyota says there’s $13,000 value of state and federal incentives out there, delivery the value to underneath $45,000.

Toyota is additionally backing up the Mirai with some spectacular add-ons. A 24/7 caretaker service with margin help is normal 3 years later as maintenance, Associate in Nursing an eight-year/100,000-mile warrantee of cell elements.


Toyota created history with the hybrid Prius, showing the globe that hybrid and electrically battery-powered cars were a viable possibility and will be mass created. The carmaker is currently pushing to prove an equivalent factor with gas, obtaining farther and farther aloof from victimization fossil fuels and natural resources once creating a drive across city.

Whether Toyota accomplishes that goal or not has nonetheless to be seen, however with the means the Mirai appearance and its spectacular 300-mile vary, five-minute fill-up time, PTO generator capabilities, fantastic warrantee, and free fuel for 3 years, the japanese carmaker simply could hold the key to the long run.