2016 Toyota Avensis Review

2016 Toyota Avensis Review

Toyota has heavily revised its fleet favorite, however dependableness remains its biggest strength

This latest version of the automobile is really supported the previous one, that was introduced back in 2009. However, it currently options smarter appearance within and out, and a 2.0-litre diesel motor. 

Likewise, whereas the boot isn’t category leading, it’s a decent size – not for nothing is that the Avensis fashionable mini-cab drivers. and therefore the storage areas within the automobile ar plentiful and well thought out.

The Toyota Avensis is out there with one.6- and 2.0-litre diesel engines, each of that ar fairly sleek and quiet.

2016 Toyota Avensis Review

Unfortunately, there is quite heap of road noise on the thruway and therefore the driving position is way from ideal; the vary of seat and wheel adjustment is kind of restricted, therefore six-footers can most likely desire they’re sitting too high and stretching to achieve the wheel.

There's conjointly a rather nibby quality to the ride over tiny bumps and road ripples, however your passengers are dead snug on the thruway.

As long as you avoid the entry-level model, the Avensis comes with a touchscreen that options logical menus and handy road buttons. 

Otherwise the dashboard is usually easy, though you are doing need to place up with AN electronic handbrake switch that operates within the unreasonable direction, and therefore the engine begin button being hidden behind the wheel.

The Toyota Avensis is a simple automobile to ascertain out of, and its manual case encompasses a slick action and therefore the steering is lightweight enough around city to create manoeuvring simple.

2016 Toyota Avensis Review

The 2.0-litre diesel could be a far better possibility, actuation arduous from regarding one,700rpm. It simply bowls the Avensis on A-roads while not the necessity for frequent gear changes.

Fun to drive. The Avensis grips as good as in corners and suffers from very little body lean. However, the steering doesn’t feel as direct and correct because it is actually, as a result of there’s therefore very little feedback; the motive force is etherised from the paved surface.

The first you recognize that the tyres ar reaching their limits, then, is once they begin to squeal. and therefore the steering is additionally excessively lightweight round the straight-ahead position, therefore you discover yourself creating quite heap of corrections on the thruway.

Toyota has a wonderful record and assurance lasts for 5 years

This version of the Avensis is simply too new are enclosed within the JD Power dependableness study, however Toyota itself performed well, finishing fifth out of twenty six makers.

2016 Toyota Avensis Review

The 1.6-litre diesel Avensis averages sixty seven.3mpg in official EU economy tests, and the 2.0-litre diesel sixty two.8mpg.

The Toyota Avensis is competitively priced, and though CO2 emissions are not as low as they're within the best rivals, it still makes a fairly reasonable company automobile alternative.

Servicing and insurance bills ought to even be low, however you would like to secure an enormous discount if you are a personal vendee, as a result of the Avensis will not be value the maximum amount as a VW Passat or one amongst the premium-badged alternatives after you come back to sell it.

Lots of driver aids and may perform well during a crash

The safety consultants at monetary unit NCAP haven’t crash tested the most recent Toyota Avensis, however we’d expect it to perform well as a result of the previous model, to that it’s closely connected, achieved the utmost five-star rating.

In addition, each Avensis comes with seven airbags and tyre-pressure watching. And as long as you avoid the bottom specification there’s a raft of driver aids, together with blind-spot warning systems and  lane-departure .

The entry-level Active model within reason kitted, that includes air-conditioning, a Bluetooth hands-free phone affiliation, steering wheel-mounted stereo controls ANd aux-in and USB sockets to allow you to connect an iPod to the automobile.

2016 Toyota Avensis Review

However, it’s value upgrading to the Business Edition, as a result of this adds a digital radio, wireless fidelity property, satnav, a rear-view camera, alloy wheels and adjustable body part support on the driver’s seat.

The Business Edition and has all of this, and keyless begin and rear privacy glass, whereas the range-topping Excel-spec Avensis comes with everything from heated and electrically adjustable front seats to adjustive headlights that flip with the wheels to illuminate corners.

List price (£22.995) and if you must add bimetallic paint (£ 495).