Toyota FT-4X Concept

Little, yet strong outside activity equipment motivated the FT-4X's meaningful appearances. For its outside, stylists imbued an X Style throughout the TNGA C-Platform. Picture this: At the center of a vertical X (which bows outside) is a door manage, or, in essence, the largest part of FT-4X (71.7 in.). This puts the broadest location near the motorist and traveler, producing a natural protective zone. At the back, the bowed vertical X can be seen at the rear hatch, once again putting the door manage at the center and producing a protective area.

Toyota FT-4X Concept

Toyota FT-4X Concept

Now, picture another X, however this time horizontal, or flat, put at the top and bottom of the vertical Xs. At each of the 4 corners of the bottom X is an 18-inch wheel using a customized 225/55R -18 Goodyear ® All-Season tire. The FT-4X stands 63.9 inches high, is 167.3 inches long, and has a wheelbase of 103.9 inches. Its type originates basic strength front to back, leading to bottom. It's X Style are plentiful.

Twin red hooks sit listed below the Multi-Hatch within the rear bumper. These high-visibility reflective pieces are protected anchor points for automobile healing and the restraining of loads, if preferred. Huge product transporting is streamlined with an enhanced flat roofing system, plus, a restrain hoop positioned at each of the roofing's corners. Additional energy is offered by power supply outlets set at the base of the restrain hoops. Users can power a range of camping area electronic devices and lighting or roofing system rack devices thanks to the hassle-free outlets.

Generous technique and departure angles contribute to the FT-4X's expertise on a range of paved and unpaved courses. Wide black-painted over-fenders provide a hard seek to the outside and swallow up the sturdy Goodyear ® rubber. A vertical Photo Window set above the motorist's side back fender admires the timeless variation displayed by Toyota's renowned Pickup Xtracab truck and first-generation 4Runner sport-utility automobile. The window glass is detachable and interchangeable, enabling owners to individualize their FT-4X even further with several nontransparent color or tinted glass alternatives. The rear door deal with is discretely positioned fore of the vertical window and high above the beltline, just like it is on the present Toyota C-HR.

Toned rocker panels at the lower part of the doors improve underbody security and resilience when venturing off the beaten course. And whenever the FT-4X does discover some brave landscapes, a GoPro ® HERO5 Session ™ cam constructed into the chauffeur's side rearview mirror can catch all of it.

Toyota FT-4X Concept

Toyota FT-4X Interior Concept

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Naturally, the X Style discovers its method in advance too. At the center of the nose's vertical X is a traditional, extra-large embossed TOYOTA logo design that's flanked by intense LED headlamps. Like the back, reflective restrain hooks embeded in the lower bumper contribute to the crossover's appearances and deftness. Another nod to traditional FJ Land Cruisers and Pickup designs of the pasts: the identifiable horizontal orientation of the FT-4X's grille, headlights, and bumper.


Albeit a concept, one might presume the FT-4X might possibly use a little displacement four-cylinder engine. Being geared up with mechanical 4x4 and selectable low-range even more highlights the FT-4X's always-ready character, while the punchy, low-displacement engine preserves extraordinary functionality and performance while passing through overloaded city streets or open dirty tracks. An advanced MacPherson strut front, double-wishbone rear suspension takes in rocks and pits.


The Toyota FT-4X Concept totally embodies "Rugged Waku-Doki" (translation: a palpable heart-pounding sense of enjoyment) through its many creative style components. It charms its tech-savvy, screen-scrolling users with an unique tactile charm picked up at every button push, deal with twist, and dirt roadway travelled. Yes, with the FT-4X, never ever has the divide in between desktop and trailhead been as infinitesimal as now.


The FT-4X is a rolling transmission. Not just is the interior's concept that of a big open area having lots of quickly available storage for standard devices, however it is standard devices itself. Travelers can quickly determine the area's function based upon coloring, as blue categorizes closed storage, while orange shows open storage. On the within the Multi-Hatch with rear Image Window are twin boxes-- one warm, the other cold. They're designated for a variety of functions, such as the short-lived stowage of treats, or the warming and cooling of equipment (i.e. gloves, blankets, ice bag, and so on).

Toyota FT-4X Concept

Toyota FT-4X Exterior Concept

The cabin is sectioned into 3s: Tidy Zone, where the front travelers sit, and where rugged flooring mats and door sills were influenced by Japanese sunoko slatted wood floor covering; Wet Zone, likewise defined by all-weather mats (where travelers can stow wet swimsuits/snow clothes or muddy boots) and situated simply behind the front seats, along with listed below the rear 2nd row bench seat; and, Back Freight Zone.