2019 Toyota Prius C Specs, Release Date And Price

2019 Toyota Prius C, Specs, Release Date And Price-- Invigorated lively outside. Get in the driver's seat and escape with a crisp look. Prius c's savvy tech and adaptability will enable you to make your escape, while the expressive subtle elements and wide cluster of eye-popping colors are the perfect method to amp up any experience. Stand out with all-new 15-in. 8-talked machined amalgam wheels with dull dark painted accents. Subtle elements like this guarantee you'll generally move up in style.

2019 Toyota Prius C Specs, Release Date And Price

Flexible outline 

Four traveler entryways and a substantial back liftgate enable you and your companions to get in and start ease. Load up for a street trip, a major move or even a long climb with your closest companion. Prius c makes it simple for you to investigate new places and bring everybody and everything curious to see what happens. 

No issue fitting your apparatus, your crew, and your pooch in the car. Prius c has a lot of room, on account of the accessible 60/40 split overlap down back seats. Not only 17.1 cu. ft. of cargo volume, yet additionally an assortment of approaches to configure it. Presently you can pack much more fun into each excursion. 

Premium inside 

Prius c is the perfect road trip accomplice on account of its accessible Entune Premium Audio with Integrated Navigation and App Suite, comfy seats wrapped in an eye-catching accessible two-tone  inside fabric, and an accessible moonroof to let the outside in.

2019 Toyota Prius C Specs, Release Date And Price

2019 Toyota Prius C One Specs, Release Date And Price 

Get in and out of the most impenetrable spots on your next escape. Prius c has your back with its standard incorporated backup camera. Move into Reverse and the vast show automatically indicates what the camera detects behind Prius c, helping you evade objects that may somehow or another be out of view. 

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Shrewd Key System with Push Button Start 

It's anything but difficult to unlock all the enjoyment with the accessible Smart Key dandy in your pocket or satchel. Essentially get a handle on either the driver's or front traveler's entryway handle of your Prius c to unlock it. In addition, you can begin the motor with the push of a catch and begin your next excursion effortlessly.

2019 Toyota Prius C Specs, Release Date And Price

2019 Toyota Prius C Two Specs, Release Date And Price 

Warmed seats and mirrors 

Chilly mornings are no excuse for passing up a great opportunity. Give your Prius c an additional touch of comfort with accessible SofTex®-trimmed seating with warmed front seats. In addition, you'll appreciate an ice free view with accessible warmed power outside mirrors. 

Multi-Information Display 

Continuously remain aware of everything when you're in a hurry. The Multi-Information Display (MID) demonstrates the imperative information expected to help amplify your efficiency – including cruising range, mileage, and EV driving distance. It's a great opportunity to get more esteem and fun from each excursion. 


Appreciate more investment funds so you can create more recollections. Because of its EPA-assessed 43 mpg expressway and 48 mpg in the city, Prius c conveys a more efficient drive. Presently you can pull over for more photograph operations and less gas stops.

2019 Toyota Prius C Specs, Release Date And Price

2019 Toyota Prius C Three Specs, Release Date And Price 

EV/ECO Mode 

Assume responsibility and pick your perfect drive mode. Prius c's EV Mode empowers electric driving for up to one-half mile. ECO Mode restrains the operation of the climate control and alters throttle contribution to help amplify mileage and give you more minutes from each mile. 

Evaluated as a Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV), Prius c produces less exhaust cloud shaping emanations than a normal fuel controlled new vehicle. Figure out how to improve your efficiency. The vitality screen shows how the half breed framework functions continuously. It demonstrates to you how Prius c dependably utilizes the most efficient source of energy. 

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2019 Toyota Prius C Specs, Release Date And Price

2019 Toyota Prius C Four Specs, Release Date And Price 

Nine airbags 

Prius c comes standard with nine airbags, including a driver and front traveler Advanced Airbag System. In case of certain collisions, a sensor intended to screen the seriousness of the impact makes alterations for the suitable airbag sending. 

Simple to move 

Reach the most faraway places and fit into the most secure spaces. On account of its eco-estimate impression, Prius c makes it simple and enjoyable to get out and discover like never before. 

Mixture battery placement 

Prius c's fixed Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery 20 fits perfectly in the space underneath the back seats. It helps bring down the center of gravity to enhance handling and boost inside space. Presently you can take full advantage of each mile.

2019 Toyota Prius C Specs, Release Date And Price

Comfortable ride 

Appreciate each excursion with a smooth ride. Prius c is surprisingly peaceful inside, keeping outside clamors outside. Such a tranquil, unwinding cabin will influence you and your companions to feel comfortable, regardless of how far away the street takes you.

2019 Toyota Prius C Released in 2018, with starting price at $20,630.